Styling Guide

Why does styling matter so much for your session? Each time you decide to have professional photos taken, you are making a worthy investment. Like any significant investment, you want the final item to be beautiful and luxurious. A successful shoot requires carefully chosen outfits that enhance one another and the surrounding environment. Here are a few suggested clothing ideas for you that may help us to have an extraordinary photo session from beginning to end.

Family lifestyle sessions

Choosing an in-season wardrobe and coordinating neutrals with complimentary colors are the two most important aspects of family lifestyle sessions. Depending on when you intend to share the images, such as a holiday card, you might choose colors and style. To create complementary outfits for other family members, base your choice of one model outfit on that one. Small black and white patterns, neon colors, big logos, and clashing patterns should all be avoided because they can cause chromatic aberration, or color shifts, in digital images.

Couple sessions

Try around two outfits, one dressy and one casual, for couples photoshoot, such as engagement sessions. It is critical that both wear the same level of formality and, once again, coordinate but do not completely match. Avoid fluorescent colors, lettering, and clashing patterns in favor of complementary colors and pastels.

Senior portrait sessions

Allow your personal style to shine through for senior portraits, and consider having your hair and makeup done professionally. You can dress up or down, but you should dress up a little more than you normally would because this session is all about celebrating your special occasion.

Maternity sessions

Maternity sessions are another occasion when your personal style, as well as your shape, will be highlighted. Choose shirts and dresses that will accentuate and highlight your pregnancy. Put your comfort and how you feel in your outfit first.

In-home newborn sessions

Keep your clothing neutral, soft, and comfortable for in-home newborn sessions. Babies can wear only a diaper cover, neutral onesies, and swaddle blankets.

Here are a few places where one may buy outfits from:

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