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Here are a few details about our next session on how to pose, dress and what to bring.

Your session with Kiarah Photography is not only about capturing photographs, instead it is a celebration of your life. It is focused on having fun while capturing priceless memories on the way! I’d like to record what is “REAL YOU”!

Yes, I do! We invite you to refer to our style guide to dress appropriately for a memorable photo shoot from beginning to end.

Skirts and dresses are beautiful because they flatter any female figure, especially on camera. This is what makes the red carpet filled with dresses, but not many pantsuits! I suggest avoiding shorts and pants during your photo shoot.

Long, full-length and flowy skirts and dresses look gorgeous on camera as they provide additional natural movement to photos. Look for soft fabrics that create gorgeous movement in your images. When deciding on the length of your skirts or dresses, it is important you consider the possibility that there might be kids in your photographs. If you have children in your photographs, then wearing a floor-length dress, skirt, or maybe the cute midi skirt will make getting around with your kids easier and appear perfect on camera, too.

If you’re expecting a baby, I recommend floor-length dresses or maxi dresses. They create the perfect silhouettes that flatter your body and highlight your baby bump. Most of my new mothers like to wear floral crowns or headpieces into their outfits in addition to the headpieces.

Professional makeup and hair can be a great option to enhance the glamour in your photos. It looks stunning on camera and takes away the pressure of getting ready by yourself. This could involve some stunning lashes or even a hair blow-out at the salon! Make your makeup a bit heavier in contrast to your typical daily makeup. Avoid glitter eyeshadows, as glitter absorbs light. Apply your makeup under natural light, since this is the kind of lighting we will be using.


The long, fitted pants, jeans and closed-toe sneakers are the most elegant and masculine outfits for males. It’s best to keep sandals and shorts at the house, along with any pants that are baggy or loose. A well-fitted dress pant, jeans or a fitted color pants look best when photographed. Gray or solid shades of navy in men’s clothing work well with a wide range of women’s outfits. I would also advise staying clear from logos and graphics. V-neck sweaters, v-neck shirts or even a layered style will look classy. Bowties, ties pockets and color-coordinated socks, belts tie clips, suspenders watches and vests are stylish complements to any outfit, for both men and boys.

There’s nothing you must bring, but sometimes the most loved items for kids are a fantastic incentive. Families often discuss and decide on something for kids that is fun beforehand, such as a snack following the session when kids are excellent listeners. It’s also helpful if kids are well rested and are sufficiently fed prior to the session. Talking to the kids prior to the session helps to prepare them mentally and emotionally. My aim is to ensure that this experience will be as enjoyable and as stress-free as it could be for your family!

Capturing your priceless memories for future is the central thing for me. I want your event to be an opportunity for you to be yourself and to enjoy the experience along the way. Have fun with your friends and family, and I’ll take care of the rest!


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